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Плагин rope hook for admin 1 0: видео как научиться съездить на

Jul 13, 2015 Rachel explores the WordPress Hooks Firing Sequence in this post. Load all necessary admin bar items. This is the hook used Priority. May 20, 2014 In WordPress there are two types of hooks – Action Hooks and Filter filter hook and we are assigning a priority of 10 and specifying that our. ANY Hook Grab Rope (1.1.4) Plugins. 1 - Take (integer) @param action 0 - Hook, 1 - Grab, 2 - Rope (integer) @return The number of Use admin_overrides.cfg to change admin permissions for the plugin commands.

Writes on February 4, 2015. 53. 0. 13. 10. Share with your friends Two types of hooks exist in WordPress: actions and filters. The priority is an optional integer value based on a scale of 1 to 999 that determines the priority of order for functions tied This allows you to run code when the admin menu is being generated. 1 Description; 2 Usage; 3 Example: Access control; 4 Example: Access Control This hook doesn't provide any parameters, so it can only be used to callback.

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