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Moxa transio a52 53 руководство и teclast x98 air 3g прошивка cyanogenmod

Различные конвертеры RS-232 в RS-422-485 серии A52-A53 Extend your RS-232 transmission distance with MOXA Transio A52/53. Transio A52/53. Entry-Level RS-232 to RS-422/485 Converters. Datasheet. Manual. Transio A52/A53. Quick Installation Guide. Eighth Edition, June 2011. Overview. The Transio A52/A53 are smart RS-232 to RS-422/485 bi-directional converters.

The 'Schneider Electric- Conzerv EM6436' meter to 'MOXA Transio A52' These memory addresses are specified in data manual of energy. Двунаправленные конверторы MOXA А52/A53 имеют входной интерфейс RS -232 и выходной интерфейс - RS-422/485. MOXA А52/A53 предназначены. Features. Can control 1x RS232 devices located virtually anywhere (via Ethernet or Internet); Serial port DB9 male; LAN interface 10BaseT/100BaseTx Ethernet. Transio A52/A53: Преобразователи интерфейсов RS-232 в RS-422/485. Transio A52/53 User's Manual www.moxa.com. Part No.18020005210. Moxa Technologies Co., Ltd. @2000 Moxa Technologies. All right reserved. 1st Edition.

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